June 26, 2008


The Athena building in Sophia Antipolis ... I struggled quite a bit with this view, couldn't get anything satisfying on paper for several days - probably due to the complex geometrical forms being interrupted by the trees, but that's just what is so interesting in this place.
This solution here works fine for me, and I think it's because I rather 'painted' with a long arm, instead of drawing meticulously with the hand directly on the paper as I tried the other days.
I also set the contours of the building only once the large forms were already there, this method often seems to work better than the other way round.

29 x 21 cm

June 14, 2008

Port de Nice

Nice: View on the Château hill from the port

Nice: Vue sur la colline du Château depuis le port

Nizza: Blick vom Hafen auf den Schlosshügel

16 x 12 cm