July 06, 2008

Dominique Figarella

Dominique Figarella on the opening of his exhibition at La Station.
My use of colour in this drawing has certainly been inspired by the colour of Dominique's shirt, but also by his stunning paintings (which deal with the relation between painting, photography, and reality: Paintings embedding photographies of the process of their making, photographies that mimetically become part of the painting...)
12 x 15 cm

July 05, 2008

Noël Dolla

This evening, during the opening of the Dominique Figarella's exhibition at La Station in Nice, this is Noël Dolla (mostly known as a member of the movement Support/Surface, but as mentioned in 'about me', he was also my professor at the Villa Arson).

12 x 15 cm

July 04, 2008


A view on the Theleme building in Sophia Antipolis.
It's an interesting architecture and my drawing doesn't really show a lot of it, but after a few discarded drawings (again), this one suddenly seemed to know better than myself what I was looking for...
(Anyone interested in architecture? I just found this link where the building is presented.)
29 x 21 cm