November 24, 2008

Garbejaire - detail

I scanned this one in grey tones, while the whole drawing in the previous post was scanned in colour, which looks at the same time more and less natural than the original drawing... (hm, I always knew I should learn more about hardware calibration one day...)


I'm trying Bristol paper here, and a slightly lager format than the last sheets - but what a mess to scan that! Had to do it in three parts with my A4 scanner.

29.5 x 42 cm

November 12, 2008

La Médiathèque de Valbonne

Valbonne Media Center
La Médiathèque de Valbonne Sophia Antipolis

32 x 24 cm / 12.6 x 9.4 in. / SOLD

November 11, 2008


"Handheld" normally refers to some electronic device, but I call this drawing 'handheld' because I made it standing, simply holding the paper in the air in one hand - the paper was sufficiently rigid to allow it. I just didn't want to sit down because the light was more beautiful from the standing position.

Pour comprendre le titre de ce dessin il faut savoir que pour une fois, j'ai travaillé sans support - le papier était suffisamment rigide pour permettre de le tenir dans la main - simplement parce que je voulais rester debout, car la vue était moins belle depuis la position assise.

Der Titel dieser Zeichnung soll nur darauf hinweisen, dass ich hier stehend und ohne Unterlage gearbeitet habe - das Papier war stabil genug um dies zu erlauben. Ich wollte einfach nur stehen bleiben weil der Anblick aus der Sitzposition nicht so schön war.

43 x 13,5 cm
17 x 5.3 in.