December 24, 2009

Happy ... !

The twelfth drawing in my series of "Audible Drawings" is another homage to Throbbing Gristle and the Gristleism - this time playing track number 3, "Twenty Jazz Funk Greats"! The drawing shows the shadow of the Gristleism, where, as usual, the red part is where the device touched the paper during the drawing.

You may think I've uploaded my drawing upside down, but nope - this is how I've drawn it. (Look at the grass shadows in the previous posts - they're shown upside down!).

Here is a two minute mp3 excerpt of the recording - the complete CD length is 46 minutes, with variable pitch settings on the Gristleism, but always the same track.

This is my way to wish everybody - to use Chris Carter's words -
"Happy Gristlemas"!

24 x 12 cm

December 12, 2009

Audible Drawing # 11 - Gristleism Shadow #2

Audible Drawing Nr. 11 is my second "Gristleism Shadow" drawing - actually it's the shadow of the outer packaging of the Gristleism, while the Gristleism itself was standing aside and watching me draw, and playing track number 2, "Hamburger Lady", originally a Throbbing Gristle composition from 1978 or so.

The complete recording of the drawing process (45 minutes) should be available soon on a CDR together with the original drawing (as the inlet of the CD).

And by the way, thanks to Marc Weidenbaum from who wrote a post about my previous audible drawing - if you're interested in audio art, don't hesitate to subscribe to his site!

December 06, 2009

Gristleism Shadow / Audible Drawing # 10

This week I received my impatiently awaited Gristleism - a good reason for another Audible Drawing!
So what you can see here among some thyme shadows, is the shadow of a Gristleism - placed on my block of Bristol paper with track one playing.
The red part is the position of the Gristleism (I colored it red once I removed the device from the paper, because .. my Gristleism is red).

12 x 24 cm, pencil and color pencil on Bristol paper, folded in the middle (to fit into a CD case).

The audio is about 31 minutes long: Pencil sound, some vehicles passing by at a distance, sometimes there's a bird, and the sound of track one, "Persuasion" (composed by Throbbing Gristle, of course). Here's just a two minute extract:

Here's a picture of the setup: