December 06, 2009

Gristleism Shadow / Audible Drawing # 10

This week I received my impatiently awaited Gristleism - a good reason for another Audible Drawing!
So what you can see here among some thyme shadows, is the shadow of a Gristleism - placed on my block of Bristol paper with track one playing.
The red part is the position of the Gristleism (I colored it red once I removed the device from the paper, because .. my Gristleism is red).

12 x 24 cm, pencil and color pencil on Bristol paper, folded in the middle (to fit into a CD case).

The audio is about 31 minutes long: Pencil sound, some vehicles passing by at a distance, sometimes there's a bird, and the sound of track one, "Persuasion" (composed by Throbbing Gristle, of course). Here's just a two minute extract:

Here's a picture of the setup:


Suzanne McDermott said...

Cool job! And congratulations on the good ink at Disquiet!

Werner said...

Thank you Suzanne!