November 27, 2009

Ombres d'arbres

Certes, on voit aussi de l'ombre d'herbe, mais c'est plutôt par hasard - je n'ai pas voulu écraser l'herbe juste pour cela, mais ce qui m'importe ici, c'est l'ombre plus flou, qui constitue quasiment l'arrière-plan. Celui-là, c'est un arbre qui l'a jeté.

Here you can also see grass shadows, but that's just because I did't want to remove the grass - what I was after in this drawing are the other shadows, the "out of focus" ones that form a kind of background here. And they've been cast by a tree.

Hier sieht man zwar auch ein paar Grasschatten, aber das ist eher Zufall, denn ich wollte das Gras jetzt nicht extra platt treten. Es ging mir hier um den anderen, verschwommeneren Schatten, der hier quasi den Hintergrund bildet. Und den hat ein Baum geworfen.

27,9 x 42 cm
11.7 x16.5 in.


Marcelo Guimaraes Lima said...

Synthetically beautiful! Bachelard speaks of the imagination of matter, here we have a poetics of the visible

Werner said...

Hi Marcelo! Nice to hear from you. And thanks for the association of poetics - - !

Sr. P.S said...

This works remembers Van Gogh.
Wonderful work indeed!

Werner said...

Thank you Sr. P.S.
Hmm ... but frankly, I don't know which part of Van Gogh's work you may refer to when you say that?

Sr. P. S said...

Hello Werner,

Well, when i've mentioned Van Gogh it was not relating to technical aspects,naturally. I think exist something very strong on it if we consider the entire space dimension, something not static, because the forms seem to require self-openening ways made by wind (1st level) and light(2nd level) variations.

Intuitively i've associated with the movements of "Starry Night", even artistically beeing very different.