March 30, 2007

Free drawing #6

This drawing shows the small, but very nice photograph which Chuck Law has taken of the drawing I've made of the photo taken by Elaine Bond of my drawing "Tree Tops". I've used a small frame made of some sort of ocher sandstone, which almost matches the color of one of the shells Chuck has used for the composition of his picture, and placed it in my bookshelf.

Voici donc le dessin de la photo prise par Chuck Law du dessin que j'ai fait en janvier de la photo prise par Elaine Bond de mon dessin "Tree Tops". J'ai choisi un petit cadre en grès ocre qui a presque la même couleur qu'un des coquillages que Chuck a utilisés dans la composition de sa photo...

Diese Zeichnung zeigt das Foto, das Chuck Law von der Zeichnung gemacht hat, die ich im Januar von Elaine Bonds Foto meiner Zeichnung "Tree Tops" (Baumwipfel) angefertigt habe... Chuck's Foto habe ich in einen kleinen Rahmen aus Sandstein eingefügt, der fast dieselbe Farbe hat wie eine der Muscheln, die Chuck in seinem Foto verwendet hat.
  • Update April 2, 2007: This drawing goes to Craig Stephens in Orangevale, California

Indian ink on 180 g (85 lb) paper
ca. 15 x 10,5 cm / 6 x 4 in.


elaine k bond said...

Hi Werner!
Glad to see that your idea is growing
well. I wonder what is the title of the book in the middle of your drawing "...chau". Is it about Dachau? My painting "survivor" is the portrait of my father who is a survivor of the Dachau concentration camp. (just guessing tho).Thanks for the link, I enjoy to look at Chuck law's work.

Chuck Law said...

A Wonderful drawing Werner! Funny, I never gave any thought to the actual size of the photo I sent. It appears that it worked out quite well though. I can't wait to see the next one and I'm so glad I could take part in your 'free drawing project". As I said before, I just love my drawing of the photo by Elaine K Bond. It's a very special addition to my own collection of art.

Werner said...

Actually the book in the middle is an edition of the literature magazine "Neue Rundschau" from 1996... but... by the way, the same editor also has books about Dachau.

I'm glad you still like result. It's becoming thrilling for me too to see how everything is slowly metamorphosing. It's real fun.