July 08, 2007

Rose garden

In the rose garden of the Cimiez monastery in Nice.

Pencil, ca. 15 x 21 cm / 6 x 8¼ in.


zbelnu said...

Beautiful quiet drawing

Werner said...

Thanks for all your comments, 'Zbel.
I didn't know that particular Beaudelaire poem you've mentioned in the "Noon shadows" comment, but I'm going to try to find it - I should have it somewhere as well.
It's always nice to hear that some drawings remind a person of something particular.
My neighbour said that each time he is in Sophia Antipolis (where I work and where I make the most of my drawings), he sees the landscape there with different eyes - that is, filtered through my drawings: more in back and white, etc. That was very astonishing to hear too.