March 13, 2008

Studying Old Masters, pt. 2

The Epsom Derby, after Théodore Géricault (1821).
I had bought a postcard of this painting a long time ago, I don't remember where exactly but probably it was in the Louvre, where you can see the original today. I've had an undescribable fascination for this painting, and I knew that I was going to use it one day - so here's the result. I really enjoyed doing this drawing.

Le Derby d'Epsom, d'après Théodore Géricault (1821).
J'ai une carte postale de ce tableau, et je ne me souviens plus exactement où je l'ai achetée mais cela doit avoir été au Louvre, puisqu'elle indique sur le dos que ce tableau se trouve au Louvre, par contre je me souviens très bien de la fascination que ce tableau exerçait sur moi - je savais qu'un jour j'allais m'en servir. Voici donc le résultat. Je me suis régalé.

Das Derby in Epsom, nach Théodore Géricault (1821).
Auch von diesem Gemälde hatte ich seit langem eine Postkarte, schon so lange, dass ich nicht mehr sicher bin, wo ich sie gekauft habe, aber es muss wohl im Louvre gewesen sein, denn dort ist das Original ausgestellt. Ich hatte eine unbeschreibliche Faszination für das Bild, und wußte, dass ich eines Tages etwas damit machen würde - hier ist nun also endlich das Resultat. Es hat mir übrigens überraschend viel Spass gemacht.

Pencil/crayon/Bleistift, 22 x 16 cm


Edition Handdruck said...

Hi, I like the linework in this drawing. As to old masters I am pretty sure that you will like this katalog available through "Neue Pinakothek München Franz Kobell. Ein Zeichner zwischen Idylle und Realismus"

Werner said...

Hi Martin,
Thank you, didn't know Franz Kobell, just googled him & think I'll keep him in mind!

Sheila Vaughan said...

Hello Werner, this drawing is so sensitively done. I can tell this painting means a lot to you. I have not visited your blog for a while and was interested just now to see your sketch of St Paul de Vence. I had a holiday in Nice a few years ago and visited that beautiful little town and the wonderful gallery up in the hillside. Can't remember the name of it now but remember the Picasso sculptures.

Werner said...

Hello Sheila,
Thanks a lot for your comment.
You've probably been at the Fondation Maeght.

Suzanne said...

Hi Werner! I was going to post a comment as soon as I saw this but waited, then was distracted.... Anyway, I looked up the original and love what you left out and filled in. I'm really attracted by the general forms of paintings, too. What you've done sort of reminds me a bit of the Caspar Friedrich Monk painting.

One of the reasons I waited is because I wanted to tell you about the after Degas posts I'd planned. But I've posted them all now and was too distracted in meanwhile to tell you. So go have a look.

And enjoy a lovely Easter weekend, Happy Spring and Full Moon, too!

Sheila Vaughan said...

Thanks Werner for the link to Fondation Maeght. I shall now be able to visit virtually that wonderful place. Anybody going to the South of France should not miss it.

Todd Camplin said...

krI quite enjoyed all these drawings and your blog. Great visit.

elainekbond said...

Hi Werner! Nearly a month! Tu es en vacances ou bien tu es malade? Missing you!

Werner said...

Thank you Elaine.
I'm not malade, I've been very busy with other things... started a few drawings but finished nothing.
Desparately hoping to have more time soon.

Werner said...

Hey Todd,
Sorry your comment got lost somehow, I just saw & published it now, thanks for your kind words!