December 16, 2008

Audible Drawing #6

This is my Audible Drawing # 6 from the 3rd December 2008.
I only wanted to post it once the CD is ready, but I recognize it will take a little more time and I don't want to remain silent any longer... So here is the drawing, and a little extract to listen. (If you don't hear a lot, that's normal! I'm only drawing!)

Dessin Audio no. 5 -
Normalement je ne voulais pas mettre ce dessin en ligne avant d'avoir fini le CD, mais je vois que cela va durer encore, et je n'ai plus envie de laisser mon blog sans nouvelles - alors voici le dessin, et un petit extrait à écouter. Ah bien sûr, cela ne fait pas beaucoup de bruit!

Hörzeichnung Nr. 6 - Eigentlich wollte ich die Zeichnung erst zeigen, wenn auch die CD fertig ist, aber das wird noch ein Weilchen dauern - also hier ist die Zeichnung, und unten ein kleiner Auszug zum Anhören. Ich weiss, viel zu hören gibt's da natürlich nicht! Aber so ist das nun mal...


Suzanne McDermott said...

Werner — it is always such a pleasure and delight to look at and listen to your Audible Drawings. This is no exception. I love the way you've captured the chiaroscuro under the trees. You've created a mood and, as so often when I look at your drawings, I feel the experience of the place.

Werner said...

Hello Suzanne,
Thanks a lot - it's a pleasure also to read your comments!

Rob Carey said...

I just discovered your blog- wonderful sketches, and very creative use of audio. I'll have to come back often.