May 28, 2008

Free drawing #17

This drawing shows the photograph Suzanne McDermott has taken of free drawing #16, which was the drawing of the photograph Edward B. Gordon has taken of free drawing #15, the drawing of the photograph Anthony Gripon has taken of free drawing #11, which was the drawing that I've made of the photograph Sarah Wimperis has taken of free drawing #8, which showed the photograph Ed Lisieski took of my drawing "Building #1".

Ce dessin montre la photo que m'a envoyée Suzanne McDermott après avoir reçu dessin gratuit no. 16, qui était le dessin de la photo prise par Edward B. Gordon, qui montre le dessin gratuit no. 15, qui était un dessin de la photo qu'Anthony Gripon a prise de mon dessin gratuit no. 11 - le dessin que j'ai fait de la photo que Sarah Wimperis a prise du dessin gratuit no. 8, qui montrait la photo prise par Ed Lisieski de mon dessin Building #1.

Pencil, Indian ink and litho ink on paper, 10 x 15 cm (3.9 x 5.9 in.), currently available / Actuellement disponible

To learn more about "free drawings", please visit this blog.

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Suzanne said...

All right! Good job! I love to watch this project evolve. A brilliant idea.

Sandra T said...

Your blogs are very interesting - the concept of external participation with sounds or the evolving free drawing project is fascinating. Like the ink drawings on this blog too.