November 14, 2007

Free drawing #15

It might be a little bit difficult to identify, but this is a cute little photo frame with an elfin lying on it — kitschy? who said that? — which I've placed outdoors on a rock. In the frame you can see the photograph Anthony Gripon has taken of my free drawing #11, the drawing that I've made of the photograph that Sarah Wimperis has taken of my free drawing #8, which shows the photograph Ed Lisieski took of my drawing "Building #1".

C'est peut-être un peu difficile à voir, mais ce que l'on voit ici c'est un petit cadre photo avec une elfe couchée dessus - et dans le cadre, c'est la photo qu'Anthony Gripon a prise de mon dessin gratuit no. 11 - le dessin que j'ai fait de la photo que Sarah Wimperis a prise de mon dessin gratuit no. 8, qui montrait la photo prise par Ed Lisieski de mon dessin Building #1.

Pencil on paper, 15 x 10 cm (5.9 x 3.9 in.)
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Suzanne said...

Rich content! When I saw the fairie, the first thing (person) I thought was Sarah Wimperis... and then... there she was. That was fun.

Werner said...

Thank you Suzanne - I always appreciate it when a drawing reminds people of something completely different from what I was actually drawing ( - but was it so different at all finally?! Of course you're right, there's some Sarah Wimperis in this drawing, just as there is some Anthony Gripon and some Ed Lisieski - and that's what makes this project become really thrilling for me as it goes on: Each free drawing contains the history of the previous generations...)