November 19, 2007

Saturday afternoon

On Saturday afternoon we had a coffee at Opéra Plage (in Nice). The weather was a bit unstable, but most of the time excellent. The places in front of us were all empty, though there were more guests in the café, but most people had taken the tables closer to the wall to avoid the wind - like we did.
Before we arrived at the beach, we passed by a market of old books, where I found a bilingual edition of the 'Deck Diaries' by Giorgos Seferis, which captured my attention not only because it was Greek with German translation, but also because it had some nice illustrations by Andy Schellemann. Reading poetry in a café on the beach on a warm autumn day is certainly one of the most precious privileges this world can offer today, so just let me share this impression with you…

(An English translation of the poem on these pages can be found here.)

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