January 17, 2009

Silent Drawing

Dessin silencieux / Schweigende Zeichnung

Originally I didn't want to publish this drawing at all, because it was meant to become an audible drawing (as you may guess from the format, 24 x 12 cm, folded in the middle), but something with my recording setup went wrong this time. Finally I thought, "silent drawing" would make a nice title too. (Comes without CD.)

D'abord je ne voulais pas publier ce dessin: Il devait devenir un dessin audio, d'où le format 24 x 12 cm (plié au milieu), mais mon enregistrement n'a pas marché cette fois-ci. Finalement je me suis dit, "dessin silencieux" serait un bon titre également. (Sans cd)

Erst wollte ich diese Zeichnung gar nicht veröffentlichen, denn - wie man aus dem Format, 24 x 12 cm, mit Falz in der Mitte, wohl erraten kann, es sollte eine Hörzeichnung werden, aber mit meiner Aufnahme ist etwas schiefgelaufen. Schließlich dachte ich, "Schweigende Zeichnung" ist auch kein schlechter Titel. (Ohne CD)


Suzanne McDermott said...

I'm glad you decided to publish this. I like the complexity, depth and slant of light It's a very good piece - even without the CD.

Anonymous said...

A very beautiful composition. I like the sweep of the path towards the light, and the foreboding dark cluster of brush to the left.

Interesting to add audio to the sketch.

Werner said...

Thank you Suzanne and Robin for your detailed remarks.

Well, in general a drawing doesn't require a cd, but it's also fun to explain that something is missing which probably nobody would have missed - Or: To see how the absence of something can add sense to someting...

Suzanne McDermott said...

I was actually making a joke about the CD in my comment! I think that even if people are familiar with each other, it may be impossible to judge inflection in a comment without those damned smiley faces. ;-) Oh, well. I surrender.

I was glad that you wrote about the experience of intending the audible but losing out to failed technology.

Terry Banderas said...

Werner-- I'm glad you posted your drawing. Looks great. Many times I feel I should not post a piece of art but it turns out that many viewers like it. So post away!