January 29, 2009

Squirrel (Audible Drawing #8)

Ecureuil / Eichhörnchen

Sure, this is a very sad drawing. But what makes me think most when I see such scenes is that the driver might as well have been me.
On the recording, of course, you hear a lot of cars passing by while I was drawing.

Je sais que c'est un dessin triste, sinon macabre. Mais ce qui me rend le plus pensif quand je vois une scène pareille, c'est que moi aussi j'aurais pu être à la place de l'automobiliste.
Evidemment, sur l'enregistrement on entend surtout des véhicules qui passaient lorsque j'étais en train de dessiner.

Dies ist zugegebenermassen eine eher makabre Zeichnung. Aber was mich dabei nachdenklich macht, ist, dass das auch mir hätte passieren können.
Auf der Aufnahme hört man passend dazu natürlich noch eine ganze Menge Autos vorbeifahren, während ich zeichnete.

(As usual, this is an extract - full length: 18 minutes)


Suzanne McDermott said...

I used to get upset about roads and cars and drivers when seeing animals killed on roadways and always (if it doesn't put myself or others in danger) take dead animals out of the road. But now, I let the dead things remind me of the brevity of life, inevitability of death and my utter lack of control over either. I wonder if this is the most thrilling audible drawing yet.

Pat said...

I can only say, 'Cool'
I love hearing your painting. It is what I like most about drawing on location. You move everything, set up, get ready and then your first deep breath as you contemplate how you will start is filled with sounds and smells and feelings of the area.
Thank you, great.

Werner said...

Thank you Pat. I agree, a drawing made on location concentrates the essence of a moment.
Poor squirrel though.

Sorry I hadn't replied your comment yet. Thank you.
You know, in the area where this drawing was made, more often than dead animals, you can see bouquets of flowers placed at locations where humans lost their lives under similar circumstances.