February 15, 2009

La Brague (Audible Drawing #9)

This is my ninth Audible Drawing, it shows the Brague, a little creek between Châteauneuf de Grasse and Antibes. (Full length 52 minues - I mean, the audio, not la Brague, which is 21 km.)

Mon neuvième dessin audio montre la Brague, un 'fleuve côtier' pas très loin de mon lieu de travail. Je l'ai fait jeudi dernier.

Meine neunte Hörzeichnung zeigt die Brague, einen kleinen Fluss zwischen Châteauneuf de Grasse und Antibes (die Stelle, die ich hier - letzten Donnerstag - gezeichnet habe, ist in Sophia Antipolis).


Karl said...

Werner, Here's a toast to "Little Creek Studies." Where ever we live there are scenes to be drawn or colored from. I find tiny trickles in a roadside ditch-paint them-and called them "creeks." It is our interpretation that carries the day. Citizens of our villages will overlook and dismiss these familiarities. Call them "common." Call them "undignified" or worse.
Still, the small, the little, are worth our eye scribbles. We breath them into being 'real landmarks.'
Thank you Werner for this delicious sample from your surroundings.

Werner said...

Thank you very much Karl for your wise words.
Best regards -

Anonymous said...

Brilliant phrase