March 10, 2010

The Abandoned Fire Extinguisher

Another day with a very strange light - only a very special, too long winter can produce such a light in this region: the sun was lurking weakly through a thick, milky sky, producing two distinct shadows for each thing:
One very "light" shadow, but with sharp contours, caused by the direct sunlight, and another darker shadow, but one with blurry contours, caused by the wide white sky that had become another light source by itself, bedding each thing on some sort of grey cushion.

Sorry, just another lousy photography of a drawing on Canson JA 50x65 cm (19.7x25.6 in.), too large for my scanner.
The abandoned fire extinguisher, in this context, seemed to have the brighter sunlight of the past on its conscience.
This is how I've found it:


Suzanne McDermott said...

"The sky is the source of light in nature, which governs everything." — John Constable

Werner said...

Thanks for the quote, Suzanne.
Apparently Constable systematically studied changing skies over years.
'Nature is never seen, in this climate at least, to greater perfection than at about nine o'clock in the mornings of July and August, when the Sun has gained sufficient strength to give splendour to the landscape, 'still gemmed with the morning dew,' without its oppressive heat; and it is still more delightful if vegetation has been refreshed with a shower during the night.'
Poetry - or Poetics ? - of landscape painting.

Serghei Litvin said...

Surprenant et sensible, votre travail sur l'extincteur.

Werner said...

Merci de votre visite, mon cher Serghei.
A bientôt!