March 30, 2010

Simplicity (Cup of Coffee nr. 12)

Lorena, I'd like to answer you with this new post rather than in a comment.

Yes, in general I am with other people when I drink a coffee, indeed it's some kind of social act to have a coffee together, similar to a cigarette for those who smoke (I don't).
However, I noticed that sometimes I just want to go somewhere alone to have a coffee in order to make a new drawing, and that was the case for nr. 11.

To play with terms, you may say there's a mini-paradigm shift in the artistic act "to draw the shadow of a cup of coffee": First, I made a drawing in order to make good use of the time spent during a coffee break: Thanks to the coffee, there was a drawing.
Now from time to time it's the other way round: Because I need to draw, I'd go and get a cup of coffee.
Art rules.

You mentioned Exploring the subject matter: Yes, I love series of drawings, I love each single drawing, but in a series, theres a new movement, a new energy emerging.

Often we start with a simple idea, executed with simple means, and after some repetition and improvement we look for complication, variation, brilliance, and then we go a long long road, exploring different ways, and once we've made a long journey we finally find out that we're almost back where we started: In simplicity - but a wiser one: One that knows that there's different ways, but that there's no right or wrong, and that you can as well leave it all behind and concentrate on the essential.

This time I have come back to a simple form, just the shadow of the ensemble "cup and saucer", abandoning the shadow of the cup on the saucer, as well as the place where the object touches the surface - just "the shadow that touched the paper".

13 x 21 cm (5 x 8 1/4 in.)

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Lorena said...

"The shadow that touched the paper" a distilled view with a poetic description- The story just gets more interesting