June 04, 2011

Troyes (Tassenschatten Nr. 14)

Ein alter Schatten vom letzten Jahr - Bei den Kaffeetassenschatten habe ich noch ein paar Scans aufzuholen.

Un café bu à Troyes il y a plus d'un an.

An old coffee that I hadn't taken the time to scan before.

13 x 21 cm (5 x 8 1/4 in.)


Lorena said...

I love these. There is something so "Zen" about artwork which arises from living. It 's as if the work is an expression of self actualization, or perhaps I'm reading way too much into it!

Werner said...

Thanks Lorena.
I don't think you read too much into it.
Anyway, a good drawing is one that is open to many different readings... but one might as well claim the contrary ;-)